The Bridge between two continents

According to geology theories Europe and North America press from each other at Reykjans. The plate boundaries are bound by gulfs and line of craters which lie from Reykjanes to the northeast. A bridge has been built between the plate boundaries above Sandvík on Reykjanes were you can experiance walking between two continents (speaking on geological terms). You can reccive a recognition plaque for walking between two continents at the Markaðsstofa Suðurnesja in Reykjanesbær Krossmói 4.

The Blue lagoon The Blue lagoon is today one of the most popular tourist attractions of Iceland. The geothermal spa is well known all around the world ans has for example recevied recognition as the best natural spa in the world, one of ten most amazing bathing facilities in the world and one of 25 best spas in the world.